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Our vision is to see a world where all God’s children are included, cared for, loved, and served equally in a way that draws them closer to Him.
Everyone cares camp is an overnight summer camp created for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Here the campers are paired one-on-one with counselors to give them a personal summer camp experience. The goal is to give the individuals a chance to feel normal, express themselves, and enjoy a few days of the summer camp experience with a spiritual emphasis! Additionally, it provides a few days of respite for caregivers. Everyone Cares Camp has been serving individuals with special needs for 60 years. Not only does this provide an incredible experience for the campers, but it also creates disciples of God’s children, as counselors learn to put their buddy’s needs before their own.

 We are thrilled to announce we are returning to Streator Baptist Camp.  We are excited about this partnership and hospitality shown to us by the good people in Streator.  Our upcoming theme is hasn’t been announced yet but our camp dates are July 22-26, 2024.  If you want to see their facilities you can check them out here.  

We are looking for a new t-shirt sponsor for our 2024 Summer.  If you are interested in partnering with us, please let us know.


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