Get involved!

What does a volunteer do?

We love Volunteers!  Without our dedicated volunteers camp just could not happen.  We need a diversity of talents and abilities to make camp successful. If you want to help we can find a way to use you!

Check out a few of the opportunities we have below.  Some require a few hours of your time, others a day or two, and some the full time.  If you see something that you know you would love, email us and let us know.

If none of them suit you, but you want to find a way to be involved, please reach out, and we’ll get creative together to find a place for you at EC Camp



We are always in need of nurses.  Since close to 95% of our campers are on some form of medication, nurses are one of the most vital parts of our camp.  Are you a nurse? Do you know a nurse?  Have a nurse in your family? Send them our way. We try to staff at least 3 nurses during camp (no more than 20 campers per nurse) so even if you just want to check it out, we can set up a time for you to come and help.

Night Watch

We give our counselors free time every evening from 9:15-11:30-during that free time, they are assigned a shift were they must return to the cabin to ensure the safety of our sleeping campers.  We would love to have people who come to dinner, assist in evening activities, and then sit in the cabins so that the counselors do not need to take shifts during their free time.   You do not have to stay the night, but if you hate driving late at night, we’re happy to accommodate with a camp bed.


As a counselor at EC Camp, you take on the responsibility of caring for a camper and their unique needs.  Our goal is to make our campers feel like royalty.  We give them the freedom and independence to be themselves, but also take care of them.  We get their meals at meal times, apply sunscreen, ensure that the camper is staying hydrated, help with hygiene and encourage them to participate in all camp activities.  Due to space limitations, counselors are required to sleep on the top bunk in the cabins, while campers take up the bottom bunks.

  • Most of our counselors are junior high, senior high and college students.  Counselors are typically required to be 13 years of age.  Exceptions to this can be made by recommendation and interviewing the interested applicant.
  • Do we provide service credits? Yes! Absolutely. You are volunteering the entire time you are at camp and that counts as community service. The directors are happy to sign whatever documentation is needed for your school or organization.
  • We do ask that you invest in camp both through your service and financially.  Just like any other service trip, it costs us money to have you join us at camp.  There is a mandatory fee if you are counseling at camp.   If this cost is a hardship to you, please speak with the directors as some scholarship money is available, as well as opportunities for you to work to earn that fee.
  • Please fill out an application and send it to us to see if you will be selected to join us this summer!

Staff and Special Guests

We have activity staff positions for the various activities that happen throughout camp.  This includes but isn’t limited to crafts, music, lake time, and recreation.  Often you will be assigned a main duty such as recreation, and then additional duties such as evening snacks and stunt time.  All staff members are considered vital to the leadership of the camp and have served the camp in other capacities previously.   In addition to being in charge of their area, they also assist in supervising during lake time and cabin watch in the evening.

We also have special guests that can come to teach us new skills as part of our camp experience.  So if you have a talent or skill you think the camp could use, let us know.  This is less of a time commitment, requiring a little over half a day during camp.  Previous special guests have taught things like a cooking class or a martial arts class. Reach out if you have an idea and want to get involved!

Supply drivers and loaders

Throughout the year, we store all of our supplies.  These include things for the office, nurses station, decorations, crafts and recreation.  It’s a lot of things to haul.  We need people willing to load supplies, drive to camp and serve as unloaders on the first day of camp.  We also need people willing to load everything back up and return it to storage at the end.  If you’re interested in this, it may not seem like a lot, but it would be a huge blessing to us.

Organization and Inventory

We receive supply donations throughout the year.  We need someone who could organize all of these supplies by category and inventory it in the weeks leading up to camp, preparing items needed for transportation to camp.

In the weeks following camp, we update our wish list for the following year.  At the end of camp we typically are packing up quickly and everything doesn’t always get put away properly and it needs to be properly organized, inventoried, and put away in order to make sure nothing gets overlooked.


Camp can be expensive.  We are committed to not raising the camper cost, as many of our campers are on fixed incomes and cannot afford an increase in camp cost.  Due to the unique nature of our camp, providing a 1-1 camp experience, we also have to pay for counselors and staff to be there for the week at an identical cost.  Our campground meets all of our needs and partners with us in our ministry.

In order to keep camp costs low, continue to use our format and afford to use our current campground we are in need of people who love to raise money.  If you love coming up with creative ideas to raise money, like talking to groups about camp and seeking business sponsors and donors, this may be a great position for you.


Camp is made up of a million little stories.  Each story is important and unique.  We are looking for people who love to interview and write stories to meet with our campers, counselors, caregivers and extended family to tell individual stories.

Our goal is to show how much impact all these little stories have on the lives of people who have participated in camp.  Our storytellers would write up individual stories, either as one-time events or as a series of several events to help tell our story.

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